Friday, 27 December 2013

A New Year Approaches

Hello everyone.

I hope you had a positive and refreshing solstice. Sol has returned and guides us toward a new year yet again.

We've reduced the price of the Fragments of a Fallen Star and Crooked Mouth cassettes by 25% (find them here) in an attempt to raise some money towards the recordings of the next Harrow album. We'll be demoing the material next week and are very excited about it. There has also been talk of a small show in Metchosin at which we would debut this new material.

The as-yet-untitled album will be released by Shadow of the Stone on cassette and we are looking for label support to help us release it on other formats. No release date is set yet, but we will do our best to not let the wait be as long as it was for Fragments.

There is talk of at least two other tapes that Shadow of the Stone will be releasing before year's end, but they will be revealed later as things progress.

Updates on all of these things will come in their own time.

Unfortunately the printing of t-shirts in cancelled for now due to problems with the printer. They will most likely be postponed until we begin to play live more regularly once again.

In the Shadow of the Stone, final days of MMXIII
The Sun returns

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

December Update

Hello, everyone,
It has been a long while since the last update; life has got the better of us it seems.  There have been plenty of developments over the past month to discuss.

Harrow Lineup
Metchosin 2013

Harrow has gone through a few lineup changes since our summer hiatus. Firstly, Kat Mason has joined us on bass for our Autumn performances. More recently we have been joined by Alexia Horozian. Alexia will be playing violin and keyboards. We are very excited for what her contribution will bring to our approach. Her presence makes us a four-piece for the first time. Currently, we are engaged in writing our next album, which we hope to record early in the New Year. Not much more can be said at the moment besides the fact that we all agree this new material is the best the band has ever produced.

Live performance will be sparse or non-existent for the next few months, but our first appearance in America may be coming soon, more on that as it happens.

Crooked Mouth cassette

Crooked Mouth - available at
The Crooked Mouth full length has been given a professional release by Preposterous Creations from France. This is the solo work of Ian from Harrow, the album contains 40 minutes of wyrd folk music inspired by the desolate wilderness of northern British Columbia. We have copies available in our store now! 

I’ve dug up the languishing Harrow Soundcloud page and used it to post some obscure and unreleased recordings, including a recording of a new song captured live on Denman Island. It will continue to be a place for digital oddities while the Bandcamp page will remain focused on full albums.

New Walden EP
Harrow's drummer, Jacob, has released a new EP of experimental cascadian blackened sound with his solo project. It is available for free download here:

Until next time, we wish you a warm and happy Yuletide, we will see you when the days begin to brighten, keep the homefires burning!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

General News, October 2013

Photo by Ivo Oates
Huge thanks to everyone who made the benefit show in Victoria a big success!  The show ended up raising over $500 for Ursula and her family and we're proud to have been a part of that.  In the meantime we have a few more appearances over the coming weeks.  Fragments of a Fallen Star shirts are to be printed next week!

October 26th - Vancouver, The Astoria Pub w/ Wolvserpent, Haggatha, Addaura
Facebook Event
October 27th - Victoria, Logan's Pub w/ Wolvserpent & Nostrum
Facebook Event
November 2nd - Denman Island, Community Hall w/ Galdra and Attrition
Facebook Event

Here is a roundup of the press thus far for Shadow of the Stone releases.

Harrow Interviews

Occult Black Metal Blog



Fragments of a Fallen Star from Cvlt Nation

Kamlaniye from Summoning Spirits

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Harrow "Fragments of a Fallen Star" cassette available now!

Well folks, the album is finally out.  This one was a long time in the making.  I'm very happy to have it finally ready for you all to hear. Each tape comes with a digital download card and can be ordered from our bigcartel store here:

In the meantime we have a bit of lineup news.  Derrek has departed Victoria to live in the North of BC for an undecided amount of time.  In the mean time we'll be joined by Kat Mason on bass, her first performance with us will be in Victoria on October 11th.  Here are our confirmed upcoming live dates.  Keep an eye out for more Vancouver Island dates in the beginning of November.

Upcoming shows:
October 11th - Victoria, The Hidden Gem w/ Galdra, Torrefy, Amnesian
October 26th - Vancouver, The Astoria Pub w/ Wolvserpent, Haggatha, Addaura
October 27th - Victoria, Logan's Pub w/ Wolvserpent & Nostrum

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Eternal Warfare distro and general update

We have a few titles available from our friends Eternal Warfare Records out of Salem Oregon.  Just one of each of these so they will probably go fast.

Cicadan - Mother
Skagos - Anarchic
Will O' the Wisp
Nulla Cur - Time Unfolding the Universe
Stellar Descent - Accretion

They can be ordered here:

In other news, Harrow's "Fragments of a Fallen Star" is set to ship to our HQ on September 25th, so it will be officially released soon after that date.  We will be playing an album release show in Victoria on October 11th as part of a benefit for Ursula Joy with Galdra, Torrefy and Amnesian.  More details can be found here:

Friday, 9 August 2013

Harrow's Fragments of a Fallen Star digital release

Artwork by Jeremy Hannigan
Hello everyone, I'm happy to announce that the new Harrow album Fragments of a Fallen Star is available in digital format from out bandcamp page.  At the moment we are still looking for label help with a physical release.  However, all money from downloads will go towards Shadow of the Stone's part in getting the record released on a physical medium.  Anyone who contributes by paying for the album will have access to a discounted copy of the album when it is released.  Any reviews, thoughts or general spreading of the word about the album would be much appreciated.  We're also interested in interviews.  We can be contacted about all these things at 

The album can be streamed and downloaded here:

Saturday, 27 July 2013


My biggest mail day yet.
I'm happy to be able to report that the Kamlaniye cassette has shipped as of this morning!  Thanks to everyone's support I was able to sell out the label copies on the pre-order alone!

Huge shipping reciept
However, this doesn't mean the tape is gone yet.  Skagos will be getting their artist copies in a few weeks and I have a few trades lined up with American distros.

Available now at
In the meantime I have also received restocks of Harrow's Wanderer full length and Walden's Metchosin ep from Prairie Fire Tapes.  These are available to order now as well.

In other news Crooked Mouth will be playing a couple shows in the next few weeks.  I'll be opening for Ekstasis at their Victoria and Vancouver shows, August 12th and 16th respectively.  I hope to see some of you there!  Until then, thank you for your support.

- CM

Crooked Mouth live at Eternal Warfare Festival, photo by Asia Kindred Moore.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Kamlaniye pre-order

Kamlaniye pre-orders are up now as I dub and assemble the cassettes and packaging.  They will ship by July 27th and can be ordered here:

Friday, 21 June 2013


This summer a voice from the past emerges.  The live counterpart of Skagos reborn, and their material released for the first time.

Formed as an entity separate, yet inextricably tied to, mythic Cascadian black metal band Skagos, this entity was given the name Kamlaniye.  Its purpose was to bring the spirit of Skagos’ music to live performance.
4 years ago this night Kamlaniye performed this material for the first time.  Thought lost by some, forgotten by others, the Summer Solstice of mmxiii brings news of this uncovering and rebirth.

This release will consist of 35 minutes of triumphant Cascadian black metal on 100 cassettes and will be strictly analog.  Pre-order information to come shortly.

Stone IV – KAMLANIYE, 100 cassettes
We Are Alive
The Stream Carves Away the Mountain
To Draw Blood from a Stone

Thursday, 20 June 2013

History and Future

This label was established in early MMXIII as a means for Harrow and Crooked Mouth to release their own material.  Since then we have planned releases by other bands as well, the first of which will be announced very soon.  This label will be a place for low run dark music, mostly, but not restricted to, the Cascadian region of North America.  A bigcartel page will be set up soon, previews of new material to come as well.

Catalog so far....

Stone I - Harrow "Fragments of a Fallen Star" preview cdr, 10 copies
Stone II - Harrow "Rehearsal MMXIII" cdr, 30 copies
Stone III - Crooked Mouth "Live in Salem" cassette, 23 copies
Stone IV - tba....
Stone V - tba .....

"In the Shadow of the Stone
You will never be alone"