Friday, 21 June 2013


This summer a voice from the past emerges.  The live counterpart of Skagos reborn, and their material released for the first time.

Formed as an entity separate, yet inextricably tied to, mythic Cascadian black metal band Skagos, this entity was given the name Kamlaniye.  Its purpose was to bring the spirit of Skagos’ music to live performance.
4 years ago this night Kamlaniye performed this material for the first time.  Thought lost by some, forgotten by others, the Summer Solstice of mmxiii brings news of this uncovering and rebirth.

This release will consist of 35 minutes of triumphant Cascadian black metal on 100 cassettes and will be strictly analog.  Pre-order information to come shortly.

Stone IV – KAMLANIYE, 100 cassettes
We Are Alive
The Stream Carves Away the Mountain
To Draw Blood from a Stone

Thursday, 20 June 2013

History and Future

This label was established in early MMXIII as a means for Harrow and Crooked Mouth to release their own material.  Since then we have planned releases by other bands as well, the first of which will be announced very soon.  This label will be a place for low run dark music, mostly, but not restricted to, the Cascadian region of North America.  A bigcartel page will be set up soon, previews of new material to come as well.

Catalog so far....

Stone I - Harrow "Fragments of a Fallen Star" preview cdr, 10 copies
Stone II - Harrow "Rehearsal MMXIII" cdr, 30 copies
Stone III - Crooked Mouth "Live in Salem" cassette, 23 copies
Stone IV - tba....
Stone V - tba .....

"In the Shadow of the Stone
You will never be alone"